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Yoga at Home

We Welcome You

       We welcome your unique voyage. 

       We welcome you to a spiritual inclusive community that honors all paths to God expressed through connection and belonging and acceptance of all walks of life.   We seek to express unconditional Love that calls to you and invokes your inner gifts, strengths, and talents which are ways love is uniquely expressed.

    We value a welcoming community  - where you are seen and heard and included and free to be yourself. 

     If you have questions, we invite you to call or email Pat Greenwood who will warmly answer your questions about Unity.  Pat can be reached at

Tell: 517 589 2959 (Accepts text)

Email:  Pgreenwood12@yahoo.con

Come join us and begin a journey of self-realization and empowerment.  The honor of your presence is our honor too.

Let us know what you value.

What is alive in you?

Thanks for submitting!

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