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Praying Hands

Power of Prayer

Our Thoughts Are Prayers

     Myrtle Philmore was so excited about her healing discovery that she began working with others in need of healing. Eventually, she and her husband Charles pioneered a spiritual healing support system that grew into the Silent Unity 24/7 prayer ministry

       Myrtle was afflicted with tuberculosis at a young age and spent many years believing she was incurably weak and sickly. .Myrtle Fillmore was told by her doctor at the age of 40 that she had 2-3 months left to live. She had struggled with tuberculosis her entire life and was now in the end-stage of the disease. Shortly after she found this news out, she and her husband, Charles Fillmore, attended a healing seminar by Dr. E. B. Weeks. And it was there that she had a revelation about healing, one that has since healed millions of people from all types of illnesses over the past 125 years. Myrtle realized that in order to heal her body from the disease, she needed to first see herself as God sees her - a perfect child of God.  While attending a lecture by metaphysician Dr. E.B. Weeks in 1886, Myrtle learned of her innate potential for divine healing through the use of affirmative prayer. She began regularly affirming, “I am a child of God, and therefore I do not inherit sickness.” Over time, she was healed of tuberculosis that had threatened her life.

       It took Myrtle’s body two years to finally eradicate the tuberculosis and after that, she was never sick with any illness again in her life.

      Your prayers with meet anonymous congregants who are committed to praying each day for 30 days. After which, your prayer request will be sent to Silent Unity for another 30 days of prayer.

Pat is looking forward to receiving your prayer request. You may also complete a prayer request at the Sunday Service.


You are also invited to contact Silent unity who is available to pray with and for you, 24 hours a day.

You can reach Silent Unity online at ,

or you may call for additional prayer support at

(816) 969-2000


Thank you for giving us the gift of contributing to your Life through prayer.

Send us your prayer request. 

God knows what to heal, please send us the persons name.

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Affirming Thoughts and Prayers

“Every cell of my body vibrates and radiates with God-life.”

“My body is the temple of the living God, pure, perfect, whole, and filled with the harmony of divine order.”


“I let God’s perfect healing take full possession of my mind and body.”


“The miracles of healing that Jesus performed among his followers were made possible by faith - faith on the part of the healer, as well as those who were healed. The great physician responded to those who expressed their gratitude for healing with the words,

“My faith is making me well., With God, all things are possible. Every atom and every cell is renewed.


“In spite of appearances, there is only perfect God-life in me and flowing through me as radiant strength, vitalizing life, and perfect harmony..

“I am ever-renewing, the ever-unfolding expression of the child of God I am.”

“My eyes, my ears, and all of my faculties are quickened and renewed through the youthful life processes working in and regenerating throughout my whole being.”


“I am now young, strong, and healthy. My body knows it. My body shows it. “I feel totally alive. I am perpetually being renewed.”

“I am new and fresh every morning because I live, move, and have my being in God who is the source of all life.”

“Through God inspiring, and literally living in my brain, my brain cells are rejuvenated. My mind is quick, keen, alert, and intelligent.”

“My body is strong and buoyant.  I sit, stand, walk, and even run with perfect mobility.

“God-life has perfect expression in my circulation through my veins and arteries.”

I am always filled with ever-increasing vigor.”


“I am rested, and relaxed, and recharged.”


“I have an endless reservoir of strength directly from God in mind and body.”


“I am truly perfect - pure healing made manifest every moment of every day.”


“I feel stronger and stronger, more alert, and more intelligent with God-inspired ideas.”


“I have God-given life to press forward towards the goal of becoming the full temple of the living God, filled to the brim with the perfection of pure regenerated aliveness.”

And for these truths, we are so grateful, grateful for the blueprint that Jesus our way-shower left us so that we can claim this path to wellness.

We claim health, and we do so in gratitude knowing this is already done.

And so it is., Amen.

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